Startup Attracts Most Valuable Brands in the World: How Two Chinese with a Big Age Gap Raise $1 Billion Dollars Startup

ChunJie Chen traveled to Santa Clara, California, looking for a third-party service provider in order to expand his business from China to an international level. There, he began the daunting process to find a company that could provide company formation, employment, payroll and bookkeeping services all at once in different countries.

While in California, he also reached out electronically, asking thousands of connections on LinkedIn for advice on which company to get in touch with. Out of all these contacts, only one of them had a good answer – Joy Shen.

Joy is a young woman with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. When ChunJie reached out to her, she was also at that moment looking for the same type of third-party provider. She already had worked for an HR consulting firm in Shanghai, and ChunJie had wide experience working as an HR Director for prestigious brands such as PepsiCo and Volkswagen.

When they engaged in conversation through LinkedIn, they simultaneously shared the same question:

  • “Why is it so hard to find a third-party provider?”
  • “How come such essential services are not packaged altogether?”
  • “We started thinking about how to meet this demand in the market”
  • “If we felt this necessity, surely thousands of people are demanding it too”

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect, but by the play instinct arising from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the object it loves.”

ChunJie Chen recalled Carl Jung’s quote:

Founder & CEO

They had discovered a huge opportunity to solve a market necessity by connecting the dots looking backwards. By bringing both of their experience back in the Chinese market and working together they can accomplish what they had just realized.

It was 2015 at the time, and small businesses were gaining momentum internationally. However, the global expansion business industry remained quite traditional. This meant that a service such as ChunJie’s had the potential to help these types of clients by offering all those administrative services at once.

They simply wanted to solve the problem they had felt when they met back in California. Why not disrupt the global business industry? If creating such a platform can allow international companies to expand globally through a one-time payment service, they could achieve something great.

“I did not even know whether there were already businesses offering this” said ChunJie “We will learn from our own mistakes”

Joy and ChunJie, the two entrepreneurs, started receiving funds from family and friends. By the beginning of 2016, they had invested more than $200,000. They began configuring their one-stop-solution platform for all employment, payroll, bookkeeping and company set-up processes to be organized at once. All it would take to expand internationally now would be a simple click, from any country.


Starting with a LinkedIn enterprise page group

As they began to plan their entrance into the prospective market, the two Chinese partners realized they could work more effectively if they gathered together and reached out to all their prospective customers through social media platforms. It became clear to them that having a strong LinkedIn presence could help them focus in on Business to Business contact, and give their company’s brand recognition the potential to expand rapidly.

“The combination between the young entrepreneurial woman and the man’s robust experience will redefine this industry”

ChunJie Chen- Founder & CEO

How will this startup transform the global business expansion environment?

For thousands of small companies, the problem of global business expansion comes when the overseas administrative provider found only offers one or two of the services the company needs.

As a result, the company is forced to outsource those tasks to various other third-party providers and they ultimately end up trying to manage a decentralized web of services. This costs the company a lot of time and money, taking away from the important, core operations of the company. Without a provider able to offer all the tasks in one simple package, this is the reality of the overseas market expansion companies dream of.

No more trying to try loose ends together, a simple, one-time payment platform. Let me show you graphically how this platform will resolve this problem!!

Study Case 1

ChunJie wants to open a company in Shanghai, China. First, he signs into his account on our global business expansion platform and selects, “open a company”. Within a few hours, he is in the company formation process, working closely with our team.

After completing the process, he realizes he would also like to have payroll and accounting assistance. Again, it is very simple. He signs into the global business expansion platform, fills out the forms, and hits that submit button. Done!

Startup for 1$ Billion Dollars 2019

Study Case 2

Joy needs different administrative services in Germany, the USA and Vietnam as her business is experiencing exponential growth. The thought of trying to understand these countries, with their different cultures and systems, overwhelms Joy.

Instead of trying to pull together multi-lingual information and figure out the necessary steps forward (and the headaches that would go with it), Joy signs into our global business platform fills out all her enquiries about payroll, company setup, and bookkeeping, and submits. Done. No Aspirin needed for Joy!


Expand Your Business Globally Now!


Sounds great, right? If it seems like you could have a whole department outside your office, located all around the world, saving your employees from an overload of work they are not familiar with, you are right!

This concept allows you, in any country, to outsource your employment process, payroll, benefits administration, company formation, accounting and bookkeeping, all while comfortably sipping a coffee at Starbucks. If you are looking to outsource your overseas administrative tasks to a third-party service provider that can do the work for you at a lower cost, why not give our platform a try?

Let’s expand your business in one simple click. What are you waiting for? NNRoad is your one-stop-solution global partner for your business.

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