Disney’s Pinocchio Turns 80 Years Old Today 

On February 7th, 1940, Walt Disney’s second feature length movie, “Pinocchio” premiered in New York City. Premiering after Disney’s debut of Snow White, Pinocchio was a significant stepping stone in solidifying the Disney Animation brand. Today we’ll discuss the history of Pinocchio and the visionary who shaped everyone’s childhood around the world.  

Disney’s History

Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5th, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois but moved to a small town in Marceline, Missouri with his family at a very young age. During his education there he began to discover how talented he was with drawing and painting.

Disney’s father eventually abandoned his farm efforts and moved the family to Kansas City.  Young Walt began studying cartooning and attended the Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design. 

In 1919, he met Ub Iweks, a young artist who contributed remarkably to Disney’s early success. Together they started a small studio of their own in 1922 where they created short animated advertising films for local movie theaters. However, a New York film distributor scammed them and Disney went bankrupt.

His luck began to change when he moved to California to become a cinematographer where him and his brother opened a shop in Hollywood.  

Pinocchio’s Production

Pinochhio was known for its notable animation and riveting story. Adapted from the story by C. Collodi, the story follows the life of a wooden puppet and his lonely creator, Geppetto, who wishes his puppet were a real boy. Disney was heavily involved in the production behind Pinocchio.  

The story was revised multiple times and so much material was made that didn’t end up in the finished product. HoweverDisney never wanted to let any of it go waste. Each scrap was maintained and used for everything it was worth.

That meant the material was research for historians, inspiration for Disney’s artist, and sometimes released to public in small doses. That is why even in today’s modern Disney films, you will see snippets of older animations tucked in at the end as a little Easter egg.   

The Disney brand is almost impossible to miss nowadays. Across the globe, there are Disney parks and attractions. Even a fair amount of Disney films are inspired from stories rooted in different countries around the world. Tell the world your story and connect with NNRoad! 

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