From Baseball Pitches To Business Pitches

On February 3rd, 1876, Albert Spalding started his own sporting goods company. By building this company with $800, he was able to produce the first official baseball, tennis ball, basketball, golf ball, and football. Stay tuned to see how Spalding left his mark on athletic sports around the world. 

Spalding’s Start

Albert Goodwill Spalding was born on September 2nd, 1850 in Byron, Illinois where he grew up playing baseball. Spalding became a well-known athlete after playing for the Boston Red Stockings and after managing the Chicago National League Club.

It didn’t take too long for Spalding to change careers. By 1876, Albert Spalding and his brother James founded the sporting-goods manufacturing company known as A.G. Spalding and Brothers.  

Baseball and Business

By combining his baseball experience and his business skills, A.G Spalding and Brothers became a dominant company in the sporting goods industry. With his influence, Spalding was able to supply balls, bats, and uniforms to the league.

Eventually, Spalding began producing equipment outside of baseball. While managing his company, Spalding organized numerous baseball exhibition tours around the world to promote the sport of baseball.  

Safe to say Albert Spalding became a household name known to everyone around the world. It’s hard to miss his name when it’s embedded in almost every sport’s game ball.

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