Henry Ford and the Soybean Car 

Ever heard of the Soybean Car? Chances are, you probably haven’t. The Soybean Car is just one of many business ideas that got lost in history.   

In the early 1940’s, Henry Ford experimented with automobile parts consisting of plastic. Then on January 13th, 1942, Ford patented the Soybean Car, or a plastic-bodied car. The frame of the car was made of tubular steel and had fourteen plastic panels attached to it. However, there is no existing record of the formula, so the exact ingredients of the plastic panels are unknown 

Henry Ford wanted to build a Soybean Car for several reasons. Ford hoped to bring industry and agriculture sectors together. He also claimed that the plastic panels made the car safer compared to steel cars. During the time, metal was scarce. Therefore, Ford envisioned the plastic material would be a sustainable substitute for the metal used in traditional cars.  

However, when World War II started, Soybean Car production was put to a halt and eventually abandoned. Once the war was over, the idea of the Soybean Car was never revisited, and more resources were put into war recovery efforts. 

Sadly, Henry Ford’s experiments never came to fruition and the world never got to experience what could have been an amazing innovation. Can you imagine how many concepts and ideas get brushed under the rug and never see the light day? Don’t let your business ideas go unheard, visit NNRoad Solutions today!

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