It’s Fun to Stay at the YWCA: The Founding of the YWCA

On February 10th, 1858, the YWCA was founded in New York City. One tenant the YWCA advocates for Internationally and in the U.S. is female empowermentKeep reading to see how this organization has helped women all around the world. 

The Young Women’s Christian Association was originally founded in 1855 in London by Emma Roberts and Mrs. Arthur Kinnaird. By 1858, the movement made its way to the U.S in New York City and Boston where they opened women’s residencies. Their mission was to provide a safe space for young women, both in U.S and foreign-born by offering housing and educational resources.  

By 1871, the YWCA-NYC had their first vocational training class for women. Over the years, the YWCA has created many different opportunities for women to grow and learn. They helped women with housing, job training, sex-ed classes, access to books, physical fitness, and friendship. The YWCA was also the forefront of some of the most major social movements at the time, such as race relations, labor union representation, and women’s health initiatives.  

Currently the YWCA is not an acronym for Young Women’s Christian Association, mostly because those in the organization are not all young, women, or Christian. They have kept the acronym the same for brand equity purposes. However, the YWCA is the one of the oldest and largest membership organizations in the world. Its global network serves 25 million women in more than 100 countries. Contact NNRoad today and become the next global movement!

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