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Company formation refers to the incorporation of a business within a certain jurisdiction. When taking their company across national borders, many business owners choose to register the company under the authority of the foreign country. While a company can be either on-shore or off-shore, the decision depends on the needs of the business and requirements of the government. The decision to incorporate is often influenced by local tax rates, the presence or absence of VAT (Value-Added Tax), the structure and openness of the local government, and the legal policies regarding foreign business operations.

If a business owner chooses to incorporate, the company must follow all instructions set in place by the country’s registration procedures. Once this process is complete, the newly registered company becomes a separate legal entity and has its own rights and liabilities. A company is owned by its shareholders and managed by its directors, but the business owner can specify corporate governance duties and responsibilities through the Articles of Association (AoA). The AoA establishes the purpose of the company, identifies how the company will issue stock, and defines the company’s organizational structure.

  • Your overseas company established by local attorneys

  • Smooth procedure in compliance with local laws

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When taking your business into new global markets, you need the right partner with the right expertise to succeed. NNRoad’s company formation solutions provide you with a competitive advantage by ensuring compliant, efficient, and flexible business operations in the regions of interest.


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What company formation services does NNRoad offer?

NNRoad specializes in incorporating and registering companies in more than 15 main jurisdictions across the globe. We provide professional guidance and assist in choosing the most suitable type of company for your business model. We then begin the procedure for setting up the entity that best fits your company’s needs. NNRoad oversees the registration process until the legal entity is formally approved.

Following the company formation services, NNRoad provides the established enterprise(s) with maintenance services in compliance with each country’s local laws and regulations. We provide such services on both a monthly and annual basis.

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What are the requirements for company formation?

The process for incorporating and registering a company involves many legal complexities and strict procedures. Every legal entity has its own obligations and requirements in accordance with applicable local laws and regulations. Company formation in a foreign country can seem like a daunting task for many businesses, especially for those with limited capital and staffing abilities. It requires a great deal of research and preparation to understand foreign incorporation laws and remain compliant with policies that may differ from those enforced by the company’s country of origin.

Before you start

When considering the establishment and incorporation of your company a foreign market, it is important to develop a preliminary plan. It is crucial to think about:

  •  Business scope
  • Company structure
  • Business environment
  • Tax system
  • Company name
  • Capital requirement

NNRoad provides accurate advice regarding the jurisdiction where a company would benefit most, depending on its business scope, structure, and other expectations. For instance, some jurisdictions provide certain companies with favorable business environments where there are less strict restrictions on business scope and more attractive tax systems.

One of the most important factors that business owners must consider is the legal ownership and operation of their company. Owners must remember that the shareholder(s) and director(s) greatly impact the success of the new company. Are there any nationality restrictions for share ownership? Can another company (i.e. the parent company) be the new company’s sole shareholder?

It is essential that you thoroughly assess your choice of company name. The name of a company is the first impression the business has on its potential customers. It is critical that an appropriate name is chosen for the proposed company. This involves cultural, religious, traditional, and language research on the market being entered. To be successful, the company name must not contain any potentially offensive or ostracizing meanings or connotations.

Before a company can be approved for operation, business owners must also consider potential minimum registered capital requirements. Are there minimum registered capital requirements for incorporation in the country being considered? If so, what capital requirements apply to your company category?

NNRoad advises you through the planning process to make sure that you and your business are properly prepared for incorporation. Our experts walk you through market options, ownership and operation implications, company name verification, and capital requirements. We work closely alongside you to ensure you have full understanding of your options and next steps.

The company formation process

NNRoad is here to help your business through the company formation process. The process differs for each regional jurisdiction, but NNRoad experts have a deep understanding of local procedures and requirements. Below is a basic outline of the standard incorporation procedure:

Step 1:  NNRoad checks and verifies the availability of the company’s proposed name.

Step 2:  We help you prepare all necessary application documents in accordance with local laws and regulations (e.g Articles of Association (AoA) and letters of appointment).

Step 3:  Apply for the registration of your company. All you must do is to fill out the appropriate application and our team will file it with the corresponding authority.

Step 4:  NNRoad administers and files all necessary documents and forwards the application to the applicable authority.

Step 5: Wait for the company formation application to be approved.

Step 6: Company formation is approved, and verifying documents are provided for your new company.

Success! Company Formation Approved.

After the new legal entity is approved and incorporated, you will receive the business registration certificate of incorporation. From this point onwards, NNRoad is more than happy to help you run and maintain your business.

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Company formation timeline

NNRoad prides itself on its ability to handle your company formation application and monitor the approval process efficiently and effectively. To optimize the time needed for application and approval, it is essential that we are provided with required documents in a timely manner. Only after we have collected all necessary documents can we submit the application to local authorities and begin the formal approval process.

Multiple factors, such as the type of business entity desired and the business jurisdiction within which the application is processed, affect the length of the process. In the case of a shelf company, it generally takes one week for corporate formation approval. However, if the applicant wishes to establish a “tailor-made” company, especially as a foreign businessowner, the approval timeline would be longer. The complexity of the incorporation process also varies from country to country .

At NNRoad, we do our best to ensure that your company formation application is organized for the fastest possible approval. Our knowledge of required materials, procedures, authorities, and legal implications facilitate the application process, adding immense value by accelerating entry into foreign markets.

Company formation pricing structure

Upon your request, our team can develop a customized payment proposal based on your business needs. Our total service fee covers the company formation process on a per company basis.

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