Company Formation in Denmark

Given the business-friendly environment in Denmark, company incorporation has become increasingly simplified. NNRoad’s team of professional accountants and corporate migration agents ensure a smooth and efficient process by discussing your company’s registration needs in Denmark. We will make sure your firm is set up in compliance with Denmark’s laws and regulations in the most cost-effective manner.

Outsource your full company formation procedure in Denmark

  • Entity establishment/registration
  • Monthly calculation of payroll
  • Employee benefits enrollment and administration
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Employment Solutions in Denmark

Employee/Personnel Leasing has become a practical and cost-effective option for small and medium size businesses looking to expand globally. When using an employee leasing/PEO service, a company is not required to have a legal entity in Denmark. Instead, NNRoad will act as the Employer of Record by hiring your employees and leasing them to you full-time. NNRoad will handle all the HR and administrative functions of hiring employees such as payroll, taxation, mandatory benefits and more. This way, you do not have the burden of handling HR and administrative tasks and can focus on your company’s primary needs.

Handling all the administration required for your business operations in Denmark

  • Employment solutions/leasing – leased employee signs employment contract with local partner and is working for and managed by the client
  • Employee on-boarding process
  • Payroll processing
  • Mandatory insurance handling
  • Bookkeeping
  • Reimbursement handling
  • Off-boarding processing
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Statutory Benefits Administration in Denmark

Statutory benefits also referred to as paid in or mandatory benefits are designed to enhance an employee’s welfare. These benefits are established by the authorities and vary in each country. It is necessary that an employer complies with the local statutory benefit rules. In Denmark, the Danish Welfare system, also referred to as social security, covers health insurance, maternity benefit, disability benefit and sickness benefit. All individuals must apply for a Central Person Register (CPR) number from the Civil Registration office in order to receive benefits from the Danish Welfare system.

Outsource your compliance as an employer in Denmark

  • Full scale monitoring, based on input from client’s risk assessment
  • Partial pricing for specific insurance needs
  • Statutory benefits deduction and contribution
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Payroll & Tax Solutions in Denmark

Payroll and taxation procedures are one of the most challenging aspects when expanding your business globally. As each country has its own tax reporting and payroll practices, many businesses choose to outsource their payroll services. NNRoad supports payroll and taxation outsourcing services which reduces your burden allowing you to focus on your business’ core goals. We will provide a customized solution that best fits your company’s needs.
Any individual working in Denmark is subject to personal income tax. It is the employer’s responsibility to withhold an employee’s income tax from his or her salary. The amount of income tax withheld is to be paid to the Danish Tax Agency also known as Skattestyrelsen (SKAT). Employees must apply for a Tax Card from the Danish Tax Agency (SKAT) in order to pay their income tax.

global payroll and tax solutions

Handling all the administration required for your business operations in Denmark

  • Full-scale outsourcing, from contract to payslip
  • Partial services, such as only payroll based on data-input from local/regional manager
  • Payroll and Mandatory insurance calculation
  • Timesheet processing and payroll calculations
  • Salary payment/disbursement
  • Any employee expense processing (If applicable)

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Visa Processing Service in Denmark

Although acquiring a Danish visa/work permit is not difficult, the process can be time-consuming. NNRoad’s experts provide immigration consulting services to clients and individuals looking to migrate to Denmark. We will simplify the visa/work permit process reducing your burden of navigating the migration procedure. In Denmark, visa and work permit requirements vary based on the employee’s country of origin. Therefore, it is important to have an expert familiar with the local laws and policies to help guide you through the process. At NNRoad, we are happy to assist you with obtaining the Danish visa/work permit you or your company requires.

Outsource your visa application for Denmark to local professionals

  • Visa application
  • Visa extension/renewal
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Accounting & Bookkeeping in Denmark

Tax and accounting standards are constantly changing in Denmark which can make bookkeeping a complicated process. Therefore, many firms choose to outsource their auditing services to local experts to save both time and money. NNRoad’s accounting and tax experts will work with your firm to develop tax, accounting, and bookkeeping solutions that best fit your business’ needs. As a member of the European Union, public companies in Denmark are required to follow International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). However, small and medium size businesses do not necessarily need to comply with these accounting standards. Under the Danish Financial Statements Act, small and medium size businesses have options regarding which accounting standards they practice. NNRoad’s skilled accountants will make sure your firm is fully compliant with Denmark’s reporting standards.

Handling all the administration required for your business operations in Denmark

  • Monthly tax calculation
  • Tax contribution
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