Company Formation in Germany

Company registration in Germany has become more straightforward and business-friendly. More businesses are choosing to set up a company in order to fully take advantage of all the incentives Germany has to offer for its local businesses. NNRoad’s local experts can help you find the best way to setup your business in Germany. We will work with your company to better understand your exact needs. This way, we will develop the most cost-effective solution for your company setup process to be smooth and efficient.

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Employment Solutions in Germany

There are two options when expanding your business in Germany. You can either set up your own legal entity or you can use a Professional Employment Organization (PEO)/employment solution which does not require a legal presence in Germany. A PEO or employee leasing solution is becoming more popular for small and medium size businesses as it provides an easier and more flexible means of employment. NNRoad will hire your employee on your behalf and assign them to work for your company full-time. This way, you do not have the burden of handling of payroll, taxation, statutory benefits among other HR and administrative tasks. NNRoad will handle all these functions allowing you to focus on your core business needs.

Handling all the administration required for your business operations in Germany

  • Handling payroll processing
  • Mandatory deductions and taxes
  • Statutory benefits
  • Professional insurance coverage
  • Termination processing
  • Engaging employees on behalf of your organization by acting as employer of record
  • On-boarding via dedicated customer portal, including background screening processes
  • Signing employment contract
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Statutory Benefits Administration in Germany

Statutory benefits also defined as fixed or mandatory benefits are implemented by the government in order to increase an employee’s welfare. In Germany, these benefits are referred to as social security. NNRoad’s local experts will make sure your business is fully compulsory with all mandatory contributions in Germany. Germany’s social security scheme is comprised of four insurances: pension, unemployment, health, and long-term care. It is compulsory that both employees and employers contribute to German social security and the employer is responsible for registering the employee with an insurance fund. The employer is also liable for the total payment and is responsible for withholding monthly contributions from the employee’s salary.

Outsource your compliance as an employer in Germany

  • Social insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Pension insurance
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Nursing care insurance
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Payroll & Tax Solutions in Germany

Payroll and taxation procedures vary from country to country. Therefore, it can be both time consuming and expensive to establish an HR department to handle the payroll of employees. This is why many companies are choosing to outsource their payroll processes. NNRoad will acts as your HR department and handle all payroll calculations and procedures. We will offer a compliant customized payroll solution for your company which will ease the burden of navigating Germany’s payroll and taxation practices.When working in Germany, it is the employer’s responsibility to withhold the employee’s personal income tax or Lohnsteuer from his or her salary each month. The German payroll practice follows a pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) system and is to be paid to the tax office known as Finanzamt.

global payroll and tax solutions

Handling all the administration required for your business operations in Germany

  • Prepare monthly payslips for employees
  • Processing specific payroll documents
  • Verification of all data related to payments to be made
  • Calculating overtime work, vacation and other bonuses for employees
  • Payment processing for employees and applicable agencies
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Visa Processing Service in Germany

Nowadays, visa and work permit laws are becoming more complex. While it is not difficult to acquire a German visa or work permit, it can be complicated. NNRoad’s experts are well versed on Germany’s visa and work permit application process. Our experts can simplify the procedure for you ensuring a smooth application process. In order to obtain a visa or work permit in Germany, an employee will have to be approved by both the Aliens’ Office and the Work Office. The German authorities require an employee to provide his or her vocational qualification, passport, as well as a letter of intent from the employer in Germany when applying for a visa or work permit.

Outsource your visa application for Germany to local professionals

  • General employment work permit
  • Specialist professional German work permit
  • Self-employed German work permit
  • “Van Der Elst” German work permit
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Accounting & Bookkeeping in Germany

Accounting in Germany has become more complex as Germany moves away from using the German GAAP and towards using the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Therefore, it can be a time consuming and costly process to establish an accounting workforce familiar with German standards and policies. NNRoad can take away this burden with its local experienced accounting experts. Our accountants and tax experts will make sure your firm is fully compliant with Germany’s accounting and reporting standards.

Handling all the administration required for your business operations in Germany

  • Book-keeping
  • Monthly, quarterly, annual financial statements
  • Tax returns
  • Income tax
  • Trade tax
  • Corporation tax
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