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Outsource Your Statutory Benefits Administration

NNRoad offers a statutory benefits administration service for international companies with global operations. Statutory benefits are labor advantages implemented by the government of a country through mandatory contributions, deductions, and insurances. Oftentimes, both the employer and the employee are required to contribute to such benefits.

Statutory benefits generally include unemployment insurance, work injury insurance, medical insurance, national pension, and overtime compensation. However, statutory benefits and contribution requirements vary by country and sometimes by city. Contribution rates and bases are often adjusted every year, making it challenging for employers to keep up with and adjust to changes. Errors and violations can result in government penalties and fines.

Due to the complexity of mandatory benefits compliance, it is very common for companies to outsource their statutory benefits administration to local HR outsourcing providers, such as NNRoad. NNRoad’s experts remain up-to-date with the latest changes in benefits legislation and requirements, ensuring that your company remains fully compliant with local labor laws. We relieve the stress of benefits compliance so you can focus on your primary business objectives.

Who do we serve?

NNRoad makes global statutory benefits compliance a breeze.

  • Employee data and document collection
  • Local government bureau registration
  • Annual policy updates
  • Employer contribution calculation
  • Contributions submissions to relevant government authorities
  • Documentation and reporting to the client company

Four simple steps for local labor law compliance.


Employee Data Collection

The client provides all necessary payroll information for contribution calculations.


Registration with Local Bureaus

The statutory benefits account is opened by NNRoad on the client’s behalf to the local government bureaus.


Monthly Contribution Payments

NNRoad submits tax contributions on in compliance with local regulations.


Reporting & Documentation

NNroad provides the client with proof of contribution submission.

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When doing business overseas, you need the right partner with the right expertise to succeed. NNRoad’s statutory benefits administration solutions provide you with a competitive advantage by ensuring compliant, efficient, and flexible business operations in the regions of interest.


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To relieve your business from paperwork is our duty

Why NNRoad?

At NNRoad, our goal is to relieve you of the heavy burden imposed by complex statutory benefits compliance. We offer an unmatched level of flexibility, allowing you to take advantage of both our Statutory Benefits Administration and Payroll Services in a single convenient package, or opt for the stand-alone service. In most countries, we can also help set up a company’s social security-related accounts.

NNRoad’s service highlights

  • Specialized in servicing small and medium-sized businesses
  • Service network coverage across 23+ countries
  • Regional language support in certain countries
  • Service across all industry segments
  • 12+ years of robust experience
  • Flexibility in transaction currency (USD, local currency, etc.)

Reasons to outsource your statutory benefits administration

Legal Business Obligations

Statutory benefits administration is a demanding task that requires functional experience and accuracy. Due to the challenge imposed by such an undertaking, many businesses prefer to outsource benefits management to mature service providers like NNRoad. NNRoad allows you to focus on your core business by managing your mandatory benefits compliance activities.

Functional Proficiency

NNRoad recruits experienced professionals with local expertise and international exposure. We support the development of our workforce by providing regular training sessions and keeping up-to-date with important policy updates. For years, NNRoad has been a trusted advisor and service provider for SMEs. Time and time again, our team has proven our ability to uphold the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Information and Communication Advantages

NNRoad provides an easy way for you to access employee benefits information by granting access to employee records and social contribution acknowledgement sheets. Our team addresses employer and employee questions and discusses relevant policy updates. We can handle such queries in any desired language.

Save Time and Money

Small or medium sized companies generally have an employee strength of 300 or less. Such companies may not prefer investing their resources into non-core business activities and would prefer focusing their resources on the revenue-generating line of business, leaving the rest of the cumbersome administrative tasks to us.

Saves Time and Money

By outsourcing statutory benefits administration to NNRoad, companies minimize costs incurred by the recruitment, development, and maintenance of an internal administrative team. As an established outsourcing company, NNRoad offers comprehensive, cost-efficient solution packages that provide significant added value to your business.

Manage Risk

NNRoad not only lightens your administrative burden, but also shares risk with your company by accepting compliance-related risks. We also provide legal updates on mandatory compliances to keep you in the know.

Pricing structure

NNRoad’s statutory benefits compliance pricing model varies by country. Generally, the service fee includes:

  • Monthly processing charges (on a per headcount basis)
  • Applicable local taxes

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