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Whether a company is a startup or an established enterprise, tax and accounting activities have a major influence on the success of the business. Managing tax and accounting is not an easy task, as decisions often impact cash flow and reporting implications. This is especially true for companies going global. Even basic-level bookkeeping must be adapted to fit the reporting standards of the applicable country. Complicated reporting requirements in foreign jurisdictions greatly increase the cost of in-house resources, and can becoming a burden, taking business owners away from their core business. Expanding a business abroad involves immense levels of legal and strategic complexity, creating a need for customized international tax and accounting services.

At NNRoad, we support your business with an experienced team of accountants. NNRoad provides the necessary resources, experience, and advisement for you to navigate such complexities. We understand the stress of operating in accordance with laws of foreign countries, as every country has different accounting standards to follow.

NNRoad provides a range of solutions for your tax and accounting needs. Our team is committed to providing the best tax and accounting services to support the success of your business expansion. Our dedicated experts are constantly updated on the ever-changing rules and regulations of international tax and accounting legislation, ensuring that your business operates in full compliance with applicable laws and procedures.

Complete tax & accounting from A to Z

Compliance customized to your business needs


Compliance Briefing

Our local accountants will meet you in person to further understand your business needs and how NNRoad can assist.


Client Assessment

Our experts explain the fiscal requirements for your company and advise which services are most suitable to your needs.



NNRoad collects all corporate documents required to complete tax and accounting calculations and declarations.


Tax Reporting

NNRoad provides monthly and annual reports regarding the foreign compliance of your business.

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When doing business overseas, you need the right partner with the right expertise to succeed. NNRoad’s tax, accounting & bookkeeping solutions provide you with a competitive advantage by ensuring compliant, efficient, and flexible business operations in the regions of interest.


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Benefits of outsourcing tax and accounting

As companies grow and expand outsourcing tax and accounting processes help manage local regulatory and compliance requirements. Moreover, outsourcing complex tax and accounting activities allows finance executives to focus on core business strategies while saving time and reducing financial department costs.

  • Diverse and qualified tax and accounting professionals across jurisdictions provide comprehensive compliance services.
  • Tax professionals improve control, accuracy, and timing of tax functions.
  • One of the major benefits of outsourcing tax and accounting outsourcing services is business growth. When tax and accounting are taken care of, management boards, departments, and employees can increase their focus on strategic, high-value activities, thus becoming more productive.

How long does it take to implement tax and accounting service?

We begin our tax and accounting services as soon as the agreement between the accounting outsourcing companies is signed. The company must submit several documents, including:

  • Their company license
  • Bank account details
  • Tax ID
  • Other relevant documents

The list of required documents tends to vary from country to country. NNRoad will request all necessary documents as per the applicable country’s rules and regulations.

The time frame needed for completion of tasks depends on whether the company has a legal entity in the applicable country. It also depends on the type of service being rendered.

Pricing structure

NNRoad’s pricing structure varies depending on the set of services being delivered, among other factors. NNRoad also charges in accordance with tax and accounting principles of specific country regulations. For example, daily operation work can theoretically be charged on daily basis, but Tax Return Issuance and Filing guidelines require that it is charged on an annual basis.

There are many other variables that must be considered before pricing can be determined. The NNRoad Team works closely with each client to customize its services and develop an appropriate pricing model.

How can I calculate my potential cost?

The cost of NNRoad’s services can only be determined after assessing several variables, such as the number and types of services requested, the size of the project, and the country within which you are seeking to operate. We work closely with you to determine an appropriate cost and payment structure for services being sought out. Provided below are some sample scenarios for your potential pricing structure:

  • If you require an expense claim, it will be calculated daily, on a PER VOUCHER basis.
  • If you require financial statements (such as monthly reports, expense claim verifying, etc.), you will be charged monthly, on a PER INVOICE basis.
  • Annual tax preparation/filing/payments/tax audit, and the like, will be charged either on an annual or one-time basis depending on your business needs and the duration of your service request.
  • Some countries have set costs for the installation of accounting systems, or for any software installed for tax purposes.

Regardless of if your company is a startup, a small business, or an established enterprise, NNRoad offers a comprehensive set of tax and accounting solutions. Our experts provide high-quality, individualized solutions and work with you to customize a pricing plan.

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