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As globalization increases, more companies hire foreign workers or deploy employees overseas. To work or hire an employee in a jurisdiction different from where the company operates, the employee must obtain a visa. Visa policies vary widely depending on the country of interest, the country of origin, and the employee applicant category. There are many different types of visas as well, dependent on the intent and duration of employment. The two main visa categories are Immigrant/Permanent Visa and Non-Immigrant/Temporary Visa.

NNRoad oversees visa and immigration applications on behalf of hired employees. Our expertise covers all types of visas. We advise you and your employees on the most appropriate type of visa to apply for, as well as how to complete applications in the most efficient and accurate manner. We collect all necessary documentation for employment visa and work permit applications and facilitate the submission of the application to the appropriate government authority.

If you or your employees’ visas are approaching the expiration date and you wish to renew, we can check if you meet the applicable criteria and assist with renewal in accordance with local laws and policies. Let NNRoad handle your visa and immigration concerns while your focus on building your business abroad.

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When doing business overseas, you need the right HR-partner with the right expertise to succeed. NNRoad’s visa solutions provide you with a competitive advantage by ensuring compliant, efficient, and flexible visas delivery in the regions of interest.


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What type of visas?

  • Work visa

  • Business visa

  • Family visa

For whom?

  • Foreign companies in need of local visa processing support

  • Employers hiring foreign workers

  • Individuals needing visa application assistance for companions and relatives

Visa processing made easy with NNRoad


Feasibility Examination

The client provides the individual’s or group’s details and visa requirements.


Document Verification

NNRoad collects all required documents and verifies that they meet local standards for visa application.


Visa Application

NNRoad submits the visa application to the relevant government authorities.


Visa Delivery

NNRoad receives the visa and successfully delivers it to the client.

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NNRoad guides you through the visa application process

Visa application process length

NNRoad is dedicated to making sure that your visa is processed as quickly as possible. To do so, we must be provided with all requested documents in a timely fashion. In addition to receiving the requested paperwork, the visa processing timeline also varies based on several factors, including the type of visa and location of application.

Type of visa

The time required for visa approval depends on the type of visa requested. Generally, temporary visas can be processed faster than permanent visas.

Location of the application

The visa approval timeline is also influenced by the laws and regulations of the destination country. Immigration laws and visa policies vary greatly, and different policies apply to individuals depending on their country of citizenship as well.

Pricing structure

To apply for a visa in any country, one must pay an application fee. The cost generally depends on the type of visa requested and country of citizenship. We work closely with you to understand your needs and requirements in order to determine an appropriate price for our services.

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