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Meet the Team that Supports your Business in Greater China

ChunJie Chen


ChunJie has over 16 years of executive-level experience with Volkswagen and PepsiCo. He is the founder and CEO of HROne. ChunJie also established two recognized consulting firms, NNRoad and FDI China, using his business knowledge and expertise.

Ann Rui

VP & Chief Operations Executive

Ann has 20 years of experience in the field of accounting. She has served as an Assistant Finance Controller and Regional Accounting Manager in the global hospitality industry. Ann is a skilled accountant and a critical member of the NNRoad team.

Joy Shen

VP & Community

Joy is a strategic and business-focused professional with extensive experience in multicultural environments. She leads the account management and strategic operations teams at NNRoad, using her superior communication skills to foster cohesive work units.

Normand Gauthier

Legal Advisor

Studying and working around the world, Normand has developed an international understanding of business and law. He served as the Chair of the HR Committee of the CanCham. His passion for law and leadership capabilities led him to join NNRoad’s legal team.

Kelly Vo

Manager, Business Consultant

Kelly has 5 years experience working as a Financial Advisor. She is the Global Vendor Management and Operation Specialist of NNRoad. Her concentrations are on global vendors and customers relationship. Kelly holds a Master Degree from California State University, East Bay.

Nancy Wang

Account Manager

Nancy is the business consultant in charge of supervising all of NNRoad’s accounts. With extensive experience in client management, she plays a key role in the growth of the company. She is dedicated to providing the best customer experience for our clients.

Kaur, Harprit

Supervisor, Global Partner

Harprit is a strategic and business focused HR professional with rich experiences within vendors management, talent acquisition, HR operations, employee relations and business development.

Richard Yang

Data Center Manager

Richard oversees all client payroll data management and security, ensuring the best service and timely report delivery. He has served as a payroll expert in Fortune Global 500 companies. Richard plays a key role in managing the technical side of NNRoad’s operations.

David Perrenoud

Marketing Manager

David handles the creation, management, and optimization of NNRoad’s online communication and marketing activities. He has extensive experience in international work environments and has played a key role in the marketing efforts of 5 consulting firms in all over the world.